Moksha Data Studio

We are a design and data visualization studio specializing in translating complex data to rich, interactive experiences on the web.

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About us

Moksha Data Studio brings data to life with visual storytelling.

Data Storytelling

We tell visual stories with data. We transform your complexity into insights with engaging and data-driven microsites and essays.

Consulting and Training

We make data make sense. We translate the lessons we've learned into actionable insights for you and your data team, no matter your background.

Dashboard Design

We build dashboards that actually look good. We avoid common tools like Tableau and build boutique dashboards that tell a story.

Standalone Visualizations

We make data beautiful. We create unique, powerful standalone visualizations that can be used on the web or in your static reports.

Some of our


We build microsites, dashboards, and visual essays.

Image of Connor Rothschild

Connor Rothschild

Visualization Engineer

Connor combines data and design to create beautiful and engaging data visualizations on the web.

Image of Amanda Shih

Amanda Shih


Amanda brings her extensive engineering experience to the team and ensures our projects are reliable, fast, and easy to use.

Image of Niha Pereira

Niha Pereira


Niha helps clients tell their data stories through accessible design workshops and user research.

Meet our


Our team includes data scientists, designers, and storytellers.