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The Moksha Roundup

Issue #61, July 4 - 10, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Moksha Roundup! This small newsletter is a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in the data visualization/design/visual storytelling world. Every week, we compile our favorite projects from journalists, storytellers, and technologists and share them with you.

In this issue, we share great visual storytelling pieces from Axios, Reuters, and USAFacts. If you’re not subscribed already and want to see more in the future, sign up below:

The grass courts are now in session by Reuters

Reuters has created an engaging visual story that captures the essence of the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament. The story features textured graphics that thematically complement the content and provide a unique perspective on the world of professional tennis.

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02. A Story of Courage

By Embassy of Sweden in Budapest

A Story of Courage by Embassy of Sweden in Budapest

Embark on a meaningful journey with this project, which commemorates the heroic actions of Raoul Wallenberg during the Holocaust. This interactive website, made by the Embassy of Sweden in Budapest, takes you on a virtual tour of significant locations connected to Wallenberg’s life and legacy. The powerful storytelling is complemented by immersive geographic visuals that bring history to life in this touching tribute.

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03. 21 Miles of Obstacles

By The New York Times

21 Miles of Obstacles by The New York Times

The New York Times presents an insightful feature that explores the challenges faced by Ukraine in its counteroffensive efforts. The story uses maps and illustrations to illuminate the complex situation in Ukraine.

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What are the best and worst airlines at handling wheelchairs? by USAFacts

USAFacts presents a data-driven exploration of wheelchair damage in air travel. Their intuitive and well-designed charts showcase the prevalence of wheelchair damage over time and by airline.

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Supreme Court ideology continues to lean conservative, new data shows by Axios

This chart from Axios maps the political ideology of Supreme Court justices, from 1990 to the present. The chart is simple yet informative, and shows how the landscape of the Supreme Court has changed over time.

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