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The Moksha Roundup

Issue #41, November 8 - November 14, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Moksha Roundup! This small newsletter is a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in the data visualization/design/visual storytelling world. Every week, we compile our favorite projects from journalists, storytellers, and technologists and share them with you.

In this issue, we share great visual storytelling pieces from the South China Morning Post, the Columbia Journalism Review, and Axios. If you’re not subscribed already and want to see more in the future, sign up below:

01. How Much Press Are You Worth?

By Columbia Journalism Review

How Much Press Are You Worth? by Columbia Journalism Review

The Columbia Journalism Review shines a light on the lack of media coverage certain people get when they go missing, making it harder to be found.

This interactive piece starts by asking users four demographic questions and then generates the number of articles written by the press based on those inputs. It also compares the result against a 22-year-old white female living in Nevada, showing the coverage contrast across the country.

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Tracking which 2020 election deniers are winning, losing in the midterms by The Washington Post

In this Washington Post piece, Adrián Blanco, Adrián Wolfe, and Amy Gardner track how many election deniers have won or lost their midterm races.

A waffle chart shows they have fared well overall and individual boxes provide reference for each candidate.

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Shrunken Mississippi River Slows US Food Exports When World Needs Them Most by Bloomberg

For Bloomberg, David R. Baker, Kim Chipman, Brian K. Sullivan, Michael Hirtzer, and graphics duo Kyle Kim and Chloe Whiteaker elucidate how the Mississippi River’s drought affects the movement of goods.

A long Sankey diagram depicts how vital the river is to moving grain in the country. And a line graph displays how expensive grain shipment has become since 2019.

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How the MCU is Addressing its Messy History with Diversity by Axios

A team of writers and illustrators at Axios have analyzed diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The piece is done in comic-style art and shows the projects released by the company over the years. According to the data, while the representation of women and people of color has increased in recent years when they are the main character, nothing much has changed in projects led by white characters.

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05. 100 days of protests rock Hong Kong

By South China Morning Post

100 days of protests rock Hong Kong by South China Morning Post

In this piece from 2019, Pablo Robles, Darren Long, and Dennis Wong came together to write about the protests in Hong Kong for South China Morning Post.

The article chronicles the protests from June to September, utilizing photography, maps of the city, and illustrations of weapons used against residents as crowds grew.

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