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The Moksha Roundup

Issue #25, July 19 - July 25, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Moksha Roundup! This small newsletter is a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in the data visualization/design/visual storytelling world. Every week, we compile our favorite projects from journalists, storytellers, and technologists and share them with you.

In this issue, we share great visual storytelling pieces from CNN, the Washington Post, USA Today, and Le Monde. If you’re not subscribed already and want to see more in the future, sign up below:

The planet’s most threatened flight path, and the $3 billion plan to protect it by CNN

In this special report for CNN, Nell Lewis, Woojin Lee, and Carlotta Dotto explain the journey birds make in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, one of the world’s eight flyways and the most threatened by human development and climate change.

They mix beautiful photography, audio, video footage, charts, and maps to explain to readers the perils birds face along the path, resulting in populations declining. It’s a stunning piece that compels people to become part of the solution.

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Take a cosmic tour inside the images captured by NASA’s Webb telescope by The Washington Post

What are we seeing in the first images released by NASA’s Webb telescope, the world’s most powerful telescope? Joel Achenbach and Aaron Steckelberg have collaborated on this Washington Post piece to help non-astrophysicists understand what we’re gazing at in the pictures. Designer Garland Potts gives a cosmic tour through scroll-linked interactions, focusing the reader’s attention on individual galaxies, stars, and other elements and providing contextual information.

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This 500-Year-Old Tree in California Has a Story to Tell by The New York Times

For this NYT Opinion piece, Daniel Griffin and Nathaniel Lash have become the storytellers of trees residing in threatened old-growth forests in the American Southwest.

The article has an amazing tree ring visualization that shows a tree’s life from 1538 to 2021. The thickness of the rings documents the amount of rainfall in a particular year. Recently, these rings have been either extremely thin or non-existent, displaying signs of struggling to survive the megadroughts created by climate change.

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View the high-temperature records broken in France in June and July by Le Monde

French journalist Pierre Breteau has visualized how June and July have shattered heat records across France. Multiple steps charts from different cities depict how temperatures have risen in the last 20 years. The figures show that dangerous heat waves are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

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77 minutes of terror: Timeline of the Uvalde shooting by USA Today

The USA TODAY graphics team has put together a sobering visual timeline of the school shooting that took the lives of 19 students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas. The team included body camera videos, surveillance footage and ongoing reports to present what happened at Robb Elementary. It serves as a tragic yet important story that “guides you through the missteps, the horror and the heartbreak of the day.”

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