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The Moksha Roundup

Issue #14, May 3 - May 9, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Moksha Roundup! This small newsletter is a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in the data visualization/design/visual storytelling world. Every week, we compile our favorite projects from journalists, storytellers, and technologists and share them with you.

In this issue, we share great visual storytelling pieces from Axios, the Pudding, the Washington Post, and more. If you’re not subscribed already and want to see more in the future, sign up below:

Abortions could require 200-mile trips if Roe is overturned by Axios

A shocking map from the Axios Visuals team shows that if the Supreme Court does overturn Roe v. Wade, the average American would have to travel an additional 100 miles to reach their nearest abortion provider. The map also reveals which regions would be the hardest hit, experiencing the greatest barriers to access.

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02. Devouring the rainforest

By The Washington Post

Devouring the rainforest by The Washington Post

Two Washington Post reporters, Terrence McCoy and Júlia Ledur, have teamed up to dissect the deforestation in the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest.

The authors showcase the extent of the damage done to the Amazon by (illegal) cattle ranching through satellite images, videos, and a map that puts into context what will happen if the United States keeps fueling the demand for beef.

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We think this cool study we found is flawed. Help us reproduce it. by The Pudding

Russell Goldenberg from the Pudding, in collaboration with Arjun Kakkar, have created this interactive game to reproduce a randomness study with suspect results.

They gathered tens of thousands of reader responses and placed them in a scatterplot in real-time, demonstrating that their hypothesis might be true. Play the game to see how random you really are (and, you know, help contribute to science).

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How 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' Fuels Extremism and Fear by The New York Times

NYT has released this incredible piece that analyzes more than 1,000 episodes of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show from 2016 to 2021.

The team uses a slideshow format to present the findings; think Instagram stories but for peddling right-wing extremism. It includes audio and video clips from the show to show how Tucker Carlson’s rhetorical methods successfully instill fear in millions of American households and push extremist ideas and conspiracy theories.

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05. The Great Koala Debate

By Brody Smith and Alannah Milton

The Great Koala Debate by Brody Smith and Alannah Milton

Brody Smith and Alannah Milton created this website (roughly a year ago, but we just discovered it!) to share what an inquiry report found about the current state of koala populations in New South Wales. The slides give the reader background information on the issue and engages the viewer to advocate for koalas.

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