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The Moksha Roundup

Issue #11, April 12 - April 18, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Moksha Roundup! This small newsletter is a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in the data visualization/design/visual storytelling world. Every week, we compile our favorite projects from journalists, storytellers, and technologists and share them with you.

In this issue, we share great visual storytelling pieces from ProPublica, FlowingData, the Pudding, and more. If you’re not subscribed already and want to see more in the future, sign up below:

America's Highest Earners and Their Taxes Revealed by ProPublica

Paul Kiel, Ash Ngu, Jesse Eisinger, and Jeff Ernsthausen from ProPublica bring us this original investigative piece, revealing the top 400 earners in the country from 2003 to 2018 and how much they paid in federal income taxes during this period.

The quartet walks us through the information using a consistent grid of data, and other supplemental charts, to effectively show how the wealthy bend the tax system and use loopholes to pay fewer taxes than the average American.

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02. Social Media Usage by Age

By FlowingData

Social Media Usage by Age by FlowingData

The founder of FlowingData, Nathan Yau, has combined a bar chart and slope chart to display social media usage by four age groups, utilizing 2021 data from the Pew Research Center. It looks pretty cool, and reveals some interesting insights.

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03. Work From Home

By Leonardo Nicoletti and Caroline Cullinan

Work From Home by Leonardo Nicoletti and Caroline Cullinan

Leonardo Nicoletti and Caroline Cullinan have teamed up to create this visual overview of who benefits from the WFH model in the United States and the UK.

Through cartograms, scatterplots, and charts, it becomes clear that WFH has benefited higher-income areas with few outliers. The story leverages smooth scroll-based interactions to explain an important and interesting trend.

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04. Who’s in Your Wallet?

By The Pudding

Who’s in Your Wallet? by The Pudding

Alejandra Arevalo, Eric Hausken, and Jeff MacInnes have written a piece for the Pudding that asks the following question, “Who’s in your wallet?”

The team examined the banknotes of 38 countries to find out who was featured and why. Did you know that only 10 people were alive to see themselves on a banknote?

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Scotland has a drugs problem 🧵 by Colin Angus

In this Tweet thread, Colin Angus explains the chart choice and design regarding a dataset that shows a higher rate of drug-related deaths in Scotland compared to England and Wales.

By giving us an inside look at the message he wanted to convey and what details he wanted to provide, we see the many decisions visualization practitioners have to make, and the importance of being thoughtful in your visualizations.

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